Best and worst looking mob in Minecraft

Some mobs are clearly better at looking good in Minecraft than others.

Each mob has its own unique appearance and the game's list of mobs that are generated in different worlds is growing. While some of these appearances are quite appealing to the eyes, others can be a pain in the eyes.

Although this is a subjective topic it's worth investigating which Minecraft mobs are most stylish and which ones need assistance. No matter what version you choose, some mobs are more attractive than others.

1) Stylish: The Wandering Trader

The Wandering Trader is a villager-like outfit. It replaces the dull villager robes by vibrant blue, red, and gold robes.

The face of the llama is partially covered, adding mystery and charm. The trader's llama, which is also wearing a similar outfit, is fashionable. The Wandering Trader is a standout amongst the rest, no matter where it may be.

1) Unemployed Villagers: Not so fashionable

Their style is improved after they connect to a job site block. However, the standard unemployed village leaves much to be desired. Standard villagers wear dark, desaturated robes that blend well with many traditional Minecraft blocks. They don't have much style.

If players want to give their villager a more fashionable look, they should offer as many job site blocks as possible. Villagers who are skilled in different occupations can get different work clothes that make them more fashionable and diverse.

2) Stylish: NPCs Education Edition

Instructors and educators can use mobs to help users navigate through Education Edition's features and gameplay. NPCs are available in many forms. They can be customized to meet the needs of instructors. They come standard with a yellow robe. However, there are many skin options that can be added to these mobs.

To customize NPCs in Education Edition, there are 35 skins. In Bedrock Edition, with Education Edition's functions enabled, there are 20 skins that NPCs have access to.

Although they may not be able to use AI, and communicate primarily via dialog, there is no doubt that NPCs are visually more appealing than many mobs.

2) Not so stylish: Piglins

While they are useful for Minecraft gamers because they are able to barter with them, piglins can be quite bland visually. Their uniform is composed of brown fatigues and a belt buckle made from gold, as well as golden weapons.

Although the uniform fits the Nether's barren landscape, there is no differentiation between individual piglins. This doesn't mean that the uniform can inspire any variety. These denizens are very generic in comparison to other visually appealing options in the Nether.

3) Fashionable: Evokers

While many illagers dress for war, evokers have stylish robes. Evoker robes are a classic combination black and gold with trim. They add a sense of sophistication to spellcasting Minecraft mobs.

The robes are so neat and well-fitted that they elevate evokers' appearance over other illagers. This is except for the Java Edition blue and spotted illusioners. Evokers are more sophisticated spellcasters, making mobs of witches look like they're practicing parlor tricks.

3) Not so fashionable: Shulkers

Even though Minecraft's mobs can be quite different in appearance, shulkers may come across as uninspiring. It's a block-shaped mob inside a shell-shaped shell. It's a square within a square.

Although shulkers are known for using multiple colors for their shells and being creative with their designs, that's not what makes them stand out. Shulkers, compared to all the other interesting entities and blocks found in the End region are rather boring.