Importance of axolotl in Minecraft

Axolotls were added to Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update. However, they have quickly become a useful mob for players who understand how they work.

What makes axolotls so important and special in Minecraft? It can be attributed to their behaviour and positive effects towards players. Despite being passive to players, they can provide useful effects like Regeneration and the removal of mining fatigue.

Axolotls can also be very aggressive and can be used against enemy aquatic mobs, provided that the player does not injure the axolotl. Axolotls are also able to be attached to leads so that they can be taken to dangerous areas such as ocean monuments.

Axolotls are Minecraft's allies and provide the Regeneration effect to players.

Axolotls provide Regeneration I

Axolotls are not able to be "tamed" in Minecraft. However, their aggressive nature and positive status effects can still be beneficial to players. Axolotls can be attached to a lead by a player so they can be taken along with them, despite the fact that they need to remain in water for most of the time. This works well as axolotls work best underwater.

Regeneration I will be given to players who assist axolotls during battle. It costs 100 ticks or five seconds in real world measurements. Any mining fatigue will be removed from players who kill mobs attacking an axolotl.

Regeneration's duration can vary depending on how many axolotls have been involved in the fight. They can stack up to a maximum 2,400 ticks, or two minutes in Java Edition.

Axolotls act as allies during Minecraft's underwater battles

Axolotls can be great companions for ocean monuments because they attack almost all aquatic mobs in Minecraft.

Axolotls are natural countermeasures to ocean monument enemies such as elder guardians, who can cause significant damage and even induce mining fatigue. They will also fight any challengers within monument, even standard guardians.

Minecraft players simply need to make sure their axolotls fight the right targets. They can become distracted by aquatic mobs. Axolotls can attack aquatic mobs so it is important to point them in the right direction.

Once they have identified their target, players can give them a hand and watch the tides change in their favor due to the positive effects of their aquatic allies.