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Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and oldest games in the game industry. Since its release in 1999, the game has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity. The game's developers work around the clock to ensure you have the best possible experience. The Minecraft game supports cross-platform gameplay. This means that users on different platforms, such as Windows, Xbox, Playstation and mobile, can play the same game. The company has an APK for Android and an iOS version. Minecraft for Android and Minecraft iOS have been launched by the developers. These versions allow users to play the popular game on their smartphones. What is it exactly? What makes it different from Minecraft Pocket Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition? We will clear up all your doubts regarding the Minecraft mobile game.

What is Minecraft for Android (APK or iOS)?

Minecraft comes in different versions depending on the platform. The company will be naming the mobile Minecraft for Android and Minecraft iOS. You can play the game with your Android and iOS friends or family members on both Android and iOS. Cross-platform play is possible, so people on different platforms can also play together. This means that Minecraft can be played on any platform, including Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone.

What is it different from Minecraft Pocket Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

No, Minecraft for Android and iOS are not different to the Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition. The first cross-platform Minecraft title was called Minecraft Pocket Edition. The Pocket Edition was then renamed to Bedrock Edition by the company. The Bedrock codebase was different than Java, and the term Bedrock Edition is derived from it. The developers also changed the name of all Bedrock editions to Minecraft. This means Minecraft is identical to the Pocket Edition or Bedrock Edition, and there is no difference.

How to download Minecraft for Android and iOS

It is easy to download Minecraft on your Android and iOS devices. Follow these steps to download Minecraft.

After logging in, the game will be downloaded to your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone. To play the game, you can either log in with a Microsoft account or another method of signing up.

Minecraft Game Download

The best thing about the Minecraft game? It is compatible with all Android smartphones, even low-end ones. The APK file size for Android is just 112MB and iOS devices are around 150MB.

Top Servers for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

We have put together a list of popular servers for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Grand Theft MCPE

This server is for Grand Theft Auto players who want to play on Minecraft. This server supports cross-platform play. It is one of the most popular servers currently available. You can choose to either be the good or bad guy in this game. To become a gangster you must accumulate the most kills. Your picture will be visible everywhere, and you will receive a bounty.

Nether Games

This friendly server is for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. According to reports, this server hosts more than 20,000 players who play every day. There are many interesting mini-games on the server, including Duels, Fractions and Murder Mystery, Bedwars and Creative Plots.

Hyper Lands

Hyper Lands is another popular server in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The server features a variety of games such as SkyWars, Duels and TheBridge. It also has a 100 percent uptime and loads with interesting features.

Infinity Craft

Infinity Craft is a survival game that you'll love. This server allows you to talk with your friends on mic for hours, grow crops on your lands and much more.

Mineplex PE

Mineplex PE is one the most popular Minecraft servers. There are many players on the server, and it has different zones and arenas. It is packed with amazing details and features, as well as some very interesting games. Minekart is one such game. It is a ripoff of Mario kart. The server offers Death Tag and Master Builder, Survival Games and Sky Wars, among other things.

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