Structure void in Minecraft

The structure void, which is used in conjunction with the structure block to prevent blocks from being overridden by a structure block when it manually creates a structure, is an invisible Minecraft block.

Structure voids are a way for Minecraft players to prevent blocks being replaced by a structure block. Structure voids can be used to remove certain blocks from activities that a structure block is involved in, since they are used to create structures manually.

This includes saving and loading structures. To obtain a structure void, you will need to use console commands in vanilla Minecraft. It is not possible in Minecraft: Education Edition.

Minecraft: How to obtain and use structure voids

Players will need to use commands to create a Minecraft structure that is void. Players will need to enable cheats on their Minecraft server or world before they can enter commands in their chat console. Otherwise, the commands won't work.

Below is the command syntax to use for Java and Bedrock Editions in Minecraft.

Java Edition:

/give @s minecraft:structure_void

The Bedrock Edition

/give @s Structure_Void

Players will be able to create void structures by using either one of these commands. Like many commands, you can use different targeters like @a (all players), or @r (random player) to give the block to any other players.

A structure void can be placed by players once it is created. A structure void can be created by right-clicking on it or pressing the button. Without the ability to see invisible block, players won't be able to confirm that the structure has been placed. However, a block place sound is similar to placing stone, or any other solid blocks.

Structure voids are not visible and do not have a collision box. However, they can be replaced with other blocks in a similar way to snow or grass. To see the effect of a structure void, players must follow up on their structure void placement by placing a structure block.

Minecraft players who use the structure block to import or generate a structure should note that blocks with a structure gap placed on them must remain the same as the rest.